Fishing Partners

At Jackson Kayak, we have been extremely fortunate to partner with some amazing companies. We are thankful for each partnership that helps us bring you the ultimate in paddling and fishing options.

Buck Knives


Our Pro Version fishing kayaks come with the Buck Saltwater Splizzors. They are an awesome scissor/knife combination perfect for handling fish, line and more. It cuts through braided line with ease, has a plier style nose, a place to attach a leash, a sheath, and a bottle opener. This is a key multi-tool for the kayak fisherman.



The Fish Grip is a great fishing tool for landing and handling fish in a kayak, especially ones with gnarly teeth. It can be attached to the kayak and used to keep fish alive in the water until you get the perfect photo and release the fish.



Most fishing models come with a GoPro mount located in the front of the kayak. There are threaded inserts through the kayaks where the GoPro mount can be moved. Also, with several models coming with YakAttack GearTrac and Ram mounting options there are a vast number of ways you can set up your GoPro with ease to get the perfect shot! Also certain models are now coming with the GoPro gooseneck mount. This slides right into the supplied GoPro mount, and allows you to adjust your GoPro to different heights and angles.

Line Cutterz

line cutterzline cutterz logo

Jackson Kayak and Line Cutterz have teamed up to make your time on the water that much better by adding a Line Cutterz tool to the seat frame of most fishing kayak models. This tool is an easy and safe way to cut all types of fishing line, so changing lures is quicker, and you can keep your line in the water more which is key to catching more fish.


jk nalgenenalgeneLogo

Most Jackson Kayaks includes a Nalgene 32 ounce wide-mouth water bottle. Made in the USA, our custom Nalgene bottles are decked out with a Jackson Kayak logo. The large opening on the wide-mouth bottles easily accommodates ice cubes, fits most water purifiers and filters, and makes hand-washing a breeze. The attached loop-top never gets lost and screws on and off easily. Printed graduations let you keep track of your hydration.



Plano Tackle Boxes is a leader in fishing tackle management. Our fishing line of kayaks have integrated specific locations that fit Plano boxes for easy tackle access on the water, helping you get to your tackle easier and quicker.


9915786425_624a40974b_kpower pole logo

Any Jackson Kayak fishing model that comes Power-Pole ready has inserts ready to mount the Power-Pole bracket. Our Pro Version fishing kayaks come equipped with a PowerPole Micro Anchor and Battery. This perfect pair makes it easy to stand and fish from, as well as giving you the ability to stop quickly and quietly. A true key element to not spooking fish and winning tournaments.

RAM Mounts


Each fishing kayak will come with an assortment of Ram Mount products, with threaded inserts and YakAttack GearTracs located throughout our fishing kayaks, there are endless options with Ram Mount products to let you create your perfect fishing machine.


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 4.34.54

Our Pro Version kayaks come with the Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro. The Dragonfly is an outstanding fish finder, it uses CHIRP sonar and has Down Vision technology. It gives you a true view of what’s going on in the world below your kayak.


realtree kilroy decoyrealtree

Our partnership with Realtree has really given hunters a new edge that was not available before. So whether you are just a lover of camouflage patterns, or someone needing the Realtree advantage when hunting, or even a photographer wanting to blend in with nature so you can get the photo of a lifetime be sure to check out all of our Realtree kayaks.


coosa-hd-ready-21-2SealLine logo

The new water-resistant seat back pouch from SealLine has able storage and heavy duty construction that will keep your items out of the elements. Removable for versatility and comes with bungee for added storage to easily accessible items.



The added Therm-A-Rest lumbar support has made long days on the water extremely more comfortable. It is adjustable in position on the seat and in firmness via the inflation valve in the top corner. It is also removable from the seat all together, where it can be used in your vehicle or as a camping pillow.



Jackson Kayak and YakAttack have been working together for years, and the partnership shows in the versatility and creativity with each new kayak model. YakAttack GearTracs and Screwballs truly give the angler unlimited options for mounting accessories and work flawlessly with RAM products as well.

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