KARMA RG "RG" - (Rock Garden, River Expedition): Based of the highly successful Karma UL, the Karma RG is a play boat for the ocean...and an expedition boat for extended whitewater and mixed water ventures.. Its a blast for paddling in rock gardens, exploring sea caves, running pour overs and surfing ocean waves. Yet with the same hull as the Karma Unlimited, the RG is at home even on difficult whitewater. With its standard stern hatch/bulkhead and skeg, storing gear for extended river trips is a breeze. Full Jackson whitewater outfitting including the unique Unishock bulkhead footrest system is standard, as is the most playful hull in the whitewater “longboat” category.


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KARMA RG - Product Description

Product Features

  • 1  - Playful, yet Fast and Stable Flat Hull Design

    With the same hull as the Karma UL, this boat is user-friendly and fast!
  • 2  - Sure- Lock Back Band System

    A simple system with big benefits, this back band provides all your lower back support while being adjustable from inside the kayak. With a simple rope and cleat you can make yourself as tight or loose as you want at any given point!
  • 3  - JK’s Uni Shock Bulkhead System

    Safe, easy to use and comfortable. This system not only protects your ankles but is easily adjustable from inside the kayak. Simply remove the rope from the cleat and you can stretch your legs out.
  • 4  - Drop down Skeg

    Switching between maneuvering and going straight for long distances. This retractable skeg gives you the option of dropping the rudder down.
  • 5  - Composite Reinforced Plastic Track for Hull Support

    Helping the kayak retain its initial shape and protect it, this hull support is light, stiff and gives your hull all the protection it needs.
  • 6  - Deck Rigging

    Hold down your jacket, maps, or other items you want to have on hand but not loose in the kayak.
  • 7  - Stern Dry Storage Hatch

    If you are looking to go out on an adventure- you will need room for your stuff. This kayak provides plenty of room in the stern for all your required equipment.
  • 8  - Go Pro Ready  - GoPro

    Capture the moment easier with a screwed in insert Go Pro Mount.
  • 9  - Nalgene Bottle  - Nalgene

    Made in the USA, our custom Nalgene bottles are decked out with Jackson Kayak logos.

Comments on “KARMA RG”

  1. Elliott
    April 4, 2018 at 3:11 am

    Does Jackson Kayak offer a “Hard Hat Hatch Cover” for the Karma RG similar to the design available for the Traverse? It seems like a viable option for long multiple day runs in big water.

    1. August 30, 2018 at 4:48 pm

      I believe so! I’ve seen them at the plant but not sure if they are offered as an aftermarket item or not – check with CS or online on our Store for accessories. Info@jacksonkayak.com if it’s not there. Good Luck! Bad wifi here or I would send you the link myself. Clay

  2. Ryan Robinson
    September 27, 2018 at 12:03 am

    What are the cockpit dimensions? I have a Karma S, so I’m wondering how the fit will compare.

    1. October 7, 2018 at 1:18 pm

      Hey Ryan – the cockpit size is more like the Karma Md so if your skirt fits a … Zen Md, Nirvana, Hero, or any other of our medium size models you should be good.
      In a pinch, tilt the bow down at an angle to the stern when you get in the boat and your body weight will help you stretch the tighter skirt out to the front of the rim. I’ve had to angle my boat 45 degrees on a cold winter run one time, then wiggle off into the water. Works pretty well if you get ‘stuck’. Clay

  3. Pedro Galvan
    April 1, 2019 at 11:55 am

    Mice dug a hole in the midsection partition between the legs. How can I fix that? Is there a plastic “foam” filler that I could use to repair it?

    1. April 3, 2019 at 10:00 am

      Hey Pedro – Mice did what? You mean the bulkhead past the footpegs? Foam might be the best repair option – just find some grey foam like the bulkhead material and cut a 1” section similar to your bulkhead, then glue it right on top. But consider sending this to Warranty@Jacksonkayak.com. Even if it’s NOT a warranty you can send photos and maybe just get sent instructions and a new foam piece. Or send a photo or 2 to me – my first name at Jacksonkayak.com Lets get this fixed! Clay

  4. Brad
    May 7, 2019 at 11:17 am

    I am looking to get a kayak that is versatile & need some suggestions. I want a kayak that is primarily used for river running on the Caney Fork, Little River & Hiwassee River (TN) but can also be used for more serious white water kayaking & can handle 3+ rapids. My back ground is with sea kayaks & I am new to white water kayaking. I am taking a week long class with the East Tennessee White Water Club in June before I purchase a Jackson kayak. I was looking at the Karma RG but would like some feedback & suggestions of what is best for my needs.

    1. July 4, 2019 at 4:48 am

      Hey Brad – consider the RG or Traverse! Traverse is a more capable whitewater model with a hatch, the RG is longer and for covering more distance or more open waters. Like to go fast? RG. Like to get more into whitewater? Traverse 9 (small/medium) or Traverse 10. Good luck! Clay

  5. Tim Amos
    September 26, 2019 at 6:27 am

    Hi Jackson Team,
    I’m a kayaker who wants to get into Rock Gardening along the coast here in New South Wales, I already kayak the Nymboida and Hastings Rivers here on grade 1-3 and I want a kayak to go grade 4’s too, for up to 8 day self support trips. We are in the grip of a 2 year severe drought here and I’d like to Rock Garden on the coastline as the rivers have almost stopped flowing.
    I’m was hoping to get an RG soon, but I see the RG is in the discontinued section, are you guys just downsizing the range? Was the RG a poor sales performer? Whats the reason for discontinuing this kayak given that it seems to have had great reviews?
    I have had my eye on an RG for about 2 years, I’ve sold my old kayak, and I’ve nearly got the funds together to get one, so I’m disappointed it’s discontinued, especially as they are sold out in the only store that had them here in Australia. Any recommendations as to how I might get one direct from the US?

    1. October 4, 2019 at 1:48 pm

      Sorry Tim! It’s hard to keep offering models that have a fast pick-up but then fade down to only dozens per year .. so like Patagonia or any brand we have to reduce inventory and only produce the selling options. This season we’re rolling out a new idea for these ”discontinued” models where we have sign up ordering and when it’s cost effective we mold them! So – if you have any friends who also want one, tell them to stay tuned! In the mean time, we likely have dealers who have them in stock. I don’t have a feel for that but CS might be able to help. Try info @ Jacksonkayak.com as the good folks that answer that have way more info about who ordered them that has online sales. RG was a great boat – Grand Canyon trips and sea kayaking and South Salmon etc… just like any new product the sales drop year after year over time. Stay tuned for info on the new plan… Clay

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