Ibis The Ibis is one of Jackson Kayak’s quietest, smoothest paddling kayaks. The hull shape gives you a quiet, stable ride while tracking easily. The comfortable Elite Seat is removable so when you get to your destination- just remove the seat- stick it on the beach and enjoy your destination. This also allows for easy access to storage space for larger items in the rear, while standard day hatch and a dry bag on the stern deck give handy access to smaller items.

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  • 1  - Comfortable Elite Seating System

    The patented Elite Seat itself is one of the most innovative and functional designs in the industry. A steel framed seat that is a comfortable all day in the boat, keeps you up and out of the water (water drains through it and it is not on the bottom of the boat), and you can pull it out easily for on the shore use. This makes it ready for camping, picnicking, and even using it at home on your deck! The elite seat sits about 4″ above the hull providing a much better view from the cockpit. Higher seating means it is easier to see around you, and is quite an improved paddling experience. The adjustment area allows you to trim your Ibis based on how you have it loaded. Put lots of gear in the front and you’ll want to move the seat back. Put a big, heavy, cooler behind you and you’ll want to move the seat forward. A simple bungee attachment keeps the seat in place and allows you to remove it quickly without even removing them.
  • 2  - Smooth Tracking Hull

    Designed by Joe Walton, the Ibis has one of the smoothest rides you can have for a lite touring kayak. The hull is shaped for both speed and stability for beginners to experts to enjoy.
  • 3  - Stern Dry Bag/Rear Deck Rigging

    When considering a rear hatch, we studied the habits of paddlers of this type of boat and realized that everyone puts their gear in a dry bag, before putting it into a hatch. We looked at how gear gets used and realized that having quick access to your gear in a dry bag is the best option for this type of recreational kayak. This dry bag has a plastic insert that maintains a nice, smooth, contoured shape.It is as much for function as it is for aesthetics. You can open the dry bag without taking it out of the bungees and quickly add or remove from it. When you arrive at your destination, you simply grab your Elite Seat in one hand, and your dry bag in the other and carry it to the campsite, picnic site, or beach and sit down relax and savor your paddling experience. The rear deck rigging is designed to hold the dry bag securely, but also works great for a cooler, tackle box, or other large items.
  • 4  - Bow/ Deck Rigging

    For one handed paddle storage, or keeping gear/jacket, etc.. Stored up front, the bow deck rigging gives you more storage options
  • 5  - Paddle Holder

    An easy, clip on bungee paddle holder on the right side of the Ibis to keep your paddle secure and out of the way when you are birdwatching, taking photos, video, or just hanging out.
  • 6  - Day Hatch

    A small day hatch is standard and is perfect for dry storage of your valuables like phones, keys, wallets, a point and shoot camera, and other small items you may want quick access to.
  • 7  - Easy-access storage for large items behind the seat

    With the removable seat option, you can store a large amount of gear in dry bags behind you and out of the way and elements. With two clips the seat comes away and you have immediate access to loads of room.

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  1. Jerry Bridgers
    June 14, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    I purchased an Ibis today. I cannot find the serial number. If there is one, where would I find it?

    Thank you
    Jerry Bridgers

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