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Cruise 12 Designed to be paddler friendly for multi-purpose use, the Cruise 12 is a great option for anyone simply looking to get out on the water. With outstanding comfort and ease of access thanks to the unique Hi-Lo Ergo Seat, you’ll want to stay on the water all day! Deck storage space along with a large sealed front hatch and day hatch make it so you can take everything you might need for a picnic, day outing, or even an overnighter. Interested in fishing…. ? With multiple RAM Mounts attachment points, adding rod holders takes only minutes. Whatever your paddling goals, this boat works as a great starting point that can grow to accommodate your needs.

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Product Features

  • 1  - Hi-Lo Ergo Seat

    Enjoy your time on the water with our Hi-Lo Ergonomic Seat System! The high position allows better reach for paddling stokes if you are covering longer distances or see the aquatic life beneath you. The low seating provides better stability. The 3D breathable mesh fabric is stretched over an ergonomic frame shaped specifically to enhance lumbar support.
  • 2  - Easy Access Day Hatch

    Easy Access Day Hatch Situated right in front of you seat, you don’t have to get up to reach your phone, binoculars, snacks or other on the go items. With a dry hatch lid, you can keep your camera in here too!
  • 3  - Ready for Fishing Accessories/ RAM Mounts  - RAM Mounts

    Not sure if you want to commit to a 100% fishing kayak yet, but don't want to take fishing out of the picture. This kayak can transform into a top notch fishing boat. With all the plug ins for Ram fishing accessories, this kayak can be upgraded easily.
  • 4  - Easy to Adjust Foot Pegs

    Our adjustable foot pegs give you a custom fit to your own boat and ensure you have the foot support you need to maneuver your kayak but also be comfortable all day long.
  • 5  - Deck Rigging

    Hold down your jacket, maps, or other items you want to have on hand but not loose in the kayak.
  • 6  - Stable Fast Hull that Tracks Easily

    Stable Fast Hull that Tracks Easily The hull profile of this boat allows it to track easily and generate speed, but it also provides great stability for entering, exiting and if you find yourself in choppy waters.
  • 7  - Bow Dry Storage Hatch

    Great storage space for towels, camping equipment, fishing rods or anything you may to take along with you. With an easy on and off lid, it will keep your stuff dry but still have easy access.
  • 8  - Water Bottle Holder and Nalgene Bottle  - Nalgene

    Need a place to keep your water? Our bungee system allows various shapes and sizes of water bottles to be held in place within reaching distance from your Elite Seat. Your kayak comes with a Made in the USA Nalgene bottle decked out with Jackson Kayak logos.
  • 9  - Rear Deck Rigging with Well

    The well in the stern is great for coolers, umbrellas, extra life vests, and any other large items you would like to take with you. The bungee cords provided help keep the item strapped down.

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  1. Amber M
    May 27, 2015 at 2:43 am

    Can the cruise 12 or tripper 12 be made in the dorado color scheme & how much of an up-charge would apply?

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