Jackson Kayak Tupelo Invites Casual Paddlers to Geek Out with Gadgets

SPARTA, TN – Recreational fun meets tech gadgetry as Jackson Kayak invites kayakers to customize their boats with gadgets for fishing, safety and personal electronics with the introduction of a honey of an easy-paddling kayak called the Tupelo.

Much more than just a water-borne gadget holder, first and foremost the Tupelo is designed for cruising the waterways with comfort and efficiency thanks to design features that balance manageability, stability, speed, comfort and convenience. Efficient and easy to control and maneuver on the water, whether paddling for a few hours or all day long, the Tupelo’s removable Elite Seat with curved back and cushy Therm-A-Rest adjustable back support is the kayaking equivalent of a Barcalounger.

The Tupelo also comes factory-equipped with built-in YakAttack accessory mounting tracks that have become the baseline standard in fishing kayaks. Now casual cruisers too can easily add a dizzying array of accessories that effortlessly slide along the tracks to put things like phones, cameras, GPS devices and RAM rod holders within easy reach or move them out of the way for active paddling.

“Now the casual kayaker has choice!” said Jackson Kayak founder Eric Jackson. “The Tupelo is aimed at being the boat of choice for cottage fun, day tripping, lake touring, and paddling lazy rivers, but depending on the array of accessories, it can turn into a fishing machine, a mobile backcountry office or all of the above.”

For longer adventures, the Tupelo has an aft hatch for dry storage and rigging in front of the cockpit for stowing rain jackets and other items paddlers may want to reach quickly.

Available in two sizes, the 12.0 best fits smaller to medium sized paddlers while the 12.5 accommodates paddlers and gear weighing in at up to 325 pounds. Available in six colors: solid lime green, red and amber as well as multicolor sprite, green hornet and macaw. Priced at $899, the feature-laden Tupelo delivers a feature set of unrivaled value.

About Jackson Kayak. Founded in 2003 by Whitewater Hall of Famer Eric Jackson and Tony Lunt. Independently owned and American made, Jackson Kayak is the world’s leader in the design and manufacturing of whitewater and fishing kayaks. The company also produces recreational and touring kayaks for paddlers of all ages. For complete information about the company’s products and lifestyle, visit the Jackson Kayak website. Jackson Kayak also founded World Kayak, a hub for the latest news, kayak events and conversations around the world and Paddle Education, the leading online portal for instructional videos and tips for kayaking of all kinds including fishing, touring, whitewater, creekboating, and stand up paddling. In 2014, the company began manufacturing and selling American-tough Orion Coolers..


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