GoPro Studio Edit – Ruby Horsethief section of the Colorado

Finally got the GoPro Studio app loaded up on my Macbook Air and it rocks!  Super easy to edit with, comes with templates from their pro editing staff, complete with royalty free tunes, special effects and much more.  Took me all of 10 minutes to put this video together.  Simply opened it up, dropped video files into the already set timeline (from template) then did a quick IN/OUT edit for each clip and clicked Export.  Settings are already perfect for social (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.) so didn’t have to try to figure out 3000 compression settings etc.

This trip was the one we did this summer with the Holcombe family of Colorado!  Peter, Kathy and Abby set all this up, logistics and all and treated us to a bucket list trip down the mighty Colorado River.  The Ruby Horsethief is a class II section of the river that floats through some of the most spectacular canyon scenery I’ve ever seen.  It treats you to continual moving water, desert landscape, tons of animals and amazing camping.


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